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Georgia Taylor on rover Toyah Battersby’s grim return to Corrie!

Toyah Battersby

Toyah Battersby left Weatherfield 2003 to see the world. But now she’s back in the Street and she’s trailing an affair and a broken marriage behind her, Georgia Taylor tells Soaplife…

Toyah was meant to be entertaining her sister Leanne for Christmas… what goes wrong? “Leanne, Leanne’s fella, Nick, and their stepson, Simon, are supposed to be going to Toyah’s in Liverpool for Christmas. But before they set off, she arrives in Weatherfield, announcing that Christmas is off and so is her marriage!”

Why choose Christmas Day to drop this bombshell on her family? “Things haven’t been good with her husband for a while and I think Toyah invited Leanne and her family over in order to put a brave face on everything. But when she has a massive row with her husband on Christmas morning, she can’t pretend any longer and she ups and leaves.”

How does Toyah explain things to Leanne? “She reveals she’s been having an affair, but she doesn’t really elaborate at this stage. Toyah’s just relieved to be with her sister and to have the support.”

No clues as to who her lover might be? “Not at this stage. That’s something that will be revealed as time goes on…”

What about the Christmas dinner Toyah was supposed to be laying on? “Everyone ends up going to the Barlows. This isn’t exactly what Leanne and especially Nick would have wanted, but they don’t have much choice.”

Will Toyah be staying in Weatherfield for a while? “Yes. It’s interesting for her to be in the place where she grew up. Toyah’s at a real crossroads and she needs her sister’s support.”

What will she do for work? “She’s a trained counsellor, so I imagine she’ll find something in that line.”

Has Toyah changed much in the years she’s been away? “She’s been out in the world and met a variety of people, so that will affect how accepting she is of people. She’s more confident, because we all are as we get older. There are things that have happened in her relationship with her husband, which impact on the woman she’s become.”

Does Toyah still hold a grudge against Maria Connor for that time Maria had an affair with the college tutor Toyah was dating? “Oh yes. Toyah’s marked Maria’s card! She’s never forgotten it and she can’t let it go. It’s things like this that give a nod to the past and I’m very pleased about that.”