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Be as smart as Sheldon and grab ten seasons of The Big Bang Theory for just $15 today

One of the most beloved sitcoms in recent years came to an end just last night, capping off 12 seasons and 279 episodes in total over the course of 12 years. If you're nowhere near ready to let the show go yet, you're in luck as Google Play has The Big Bang Theory: Seasons 1 - 10 on sale in digital HD today for only $14.99, and no, that price is not a typo.

If you've ever wanted to buy a digital HD season of a currently airing show on TV, you're probably aware that most of them cost anywhere between $15 and $30. The Big Bang Theory is no exception. Today's deal is like paying for only one season and getting ten. Over at Vudu , a bundle featuring seasons 1 through 11 is priced at $245. You'll be missing seasons 11 and 12, but you can always wait until they go on sale to purchase them, or grab them now with the hundreds of dollars you just saved with today's deal.