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'Doctors have really pushed the boat out for the 3000th anniversary!' says Ian Kelsey (VIDEO)

(Image credit: BBC)

As BBC daytime soap Doctors celebrates its 3000th episode, we caught up with Ian Kelsey, who plays practice manager Howard, to get a look behind the scenes as they filmed on location in Birmingham city centre. "]

"Doctors have really pushed the boat out on this episode," says Ian. "We've got about 100 extras who appear in the background."

In a special one-hour episode, policeman Rob is still out to shut down a paedophile ring known as The Treehouse. But there's deadly danger when a gunman has him in his sights.

"I think Doctors is like a little present that's opened up every day," says Ian, when asked about the ongoing appeal of Doctors, which has been running for 15 years. "Each episode has a Story Of The Day and you never know what it's going to be. It could be someone having a baby on a park bench, to Howard losing his pencil and getting in a state about it! New characters come in and you see a beginning, middle and end with these stories."

The anniversary episode of Doctors screens on September 10 on BBC1