EastEnders spoiler: Abi Branning comes clean about her pregnancy secret

EastEnders - Abi Branning Lauren Branning
(Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

Abi and Lauren Branning come head-to-head after Lauren finds Abi wearing her wedding dress, and Abi comes clean about her pregnancy...

The Branning sisters are in for a turbulent time after Abi confesses to her shocked sister Lauren that she is pregnant with Steven Beale's baby.

Abi and Steven embarked on a secret affair behind Lauren's back before Steven's death in the fire at the restaurant.

Since his death, Abi has been more hateful than ever towards her sister, furious that she has been getting sympathy when Abi was deeply in love with Steven.

In coming episodes Lauren catches Abi wearing her wedding dress and things come to a head as Lauren demands answers.

Abi is forced to come clean, and Lauren struggles to get her head around the truth about her sister and late boyfriend.

Speaking about the dramatic scenes, actress Lorna Fitzgerald, who plays Abi, told Metro.co.uk: "The main thing for Abi is that she just wants to be loved and she keeps losing that. She lost it with Steven, she’s lost it from Lauren and she’s lost it from her mum. I think that’s why she’s just so happy to have this baby, so that she can have this unconditional love there."

Speaking of the awkward moment when Lauren finds Abi wearing her wedding dress, Lorna said: "Abi is standing there in Lauren’s wedding dress and she realises that she has really got to say what’s going on. I think it is a relief for her. She feels like she’s got this massive weight off her chest, but Lauren is fuming because she didn’t see it coming at all.


"It’s good, it’s really good. Abi’s hatred towards Lauren has been building for quite some time, so it’s explosive how it all comes out.

"Lauren is furious and quite rightly so. I think it’s more the fact that her sister could do it to her rather than Steven as their relationship wasn’t amazing anyway. It’s the betrayal from her sister."

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