Ex-EastEnders star Glynis Barber reveals she'd consider a return as Glenda Mitchell

‘Snacking is out!’ Ex-EastEnders star Glynis Barber shares her tips on how she stays fit and slim
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Actress Glynis Barber shares her secret to staying slim and talks about her new West End role in political thriller The Best Man.

Former EastEnders actress Glynis Barber has talked to Soaplife about her new stage role and online diet and health programme and how she's gone from being the East End to the West End!

Glynis Barber talks to Soaplife about her new stage role and her EastEnders' character, Glenda Mitchell...

Soaplife: Glenda is no longer in the Square. What do you imagine she’s doing now?

Glynis Barber: “I have no idea. Poor Glenda – she lost her girls and I thought that was such a shame. I loved playing her – she was such a good character. I loved my time on Eastenders.”

S: She wasn’t killed off so could return. Would you be interested?

GB: “Hmm - it would depend on what I was doing and how it might fit in my life. But, yes, I would definitely consider it.”

S: You’re in theatre in London’s West End, Glynis. What’s the play?

GB: “It’s called The Best Man and it’s a political thriller. It was written in 1960 by acclaimed American writer Gore Vidal. The play may have been written almost 60 years ago, but it’s still relevant today. I play Alice Russell, the wife of one of the politicians.”

S: Do you enjoy the adrenalin buzz of live theatre?

GB: “I do, but I sometimes wonder why as it’s quite terrifying and also very hard work. But theatre is my first love and what I always envisaged doing when I was training to act.”

S: We hear you’re about to launch your own on-line diet!

GB: “Yes, and I’m very excited about it. About three years ago, I wrote a book with nutritional therapist Fleur Borrelli called The In-Sync Diet. Instead of updating the book, we’re launching an In Sync on-line programme, incorporating videos, voiceovers and so on.”

S: When is the launch?

GB: “We go live online between 7-14 May. The programme isn’t just about losing weight, although you undoubtedly will by following it. It’s about optimising health, improving your energy and really taking control of your weight. Regular diets and counting calorie don’t work in the long run. It’s about what you eat, when you eat it and when and how you exercise.”

S: What do you mean?

GB: “Well, it’s best to exercise on an empty stomach. If, for instance, you have breakfast and then exercise, you’re just burning off the calories you’ve recently eaten. If you exercise on an empty stomach, you’re going into your fat stores to burn energy. Our DNA hasn’t changed in thousands and thousands of years and our ancient ancestors would have gone out hunting or foraging for food only when they were hungry.”

S: So no snacking then?

GB: “No. Snacking is out but we’re not talking about deprivation or going hungry. Eat two or three meals a day but nothing between meals. I eat enormous meals – but that’s all I eat – and I exercise! It works! I’m living proof of that.”

* For tickets and details of The Best Man, visit www.playhouse.londontheatres.co.uk

You can find more details on In Sync at agelessbyglynisbarber.com/

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