Ex-EastEnders star Martine McCutcheon: My secret football passion!

Martine McCutcheon
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We've never forgotten Martine McCutcheon as the wonderful, tragic Tiffany Mitchell in EastEnders. Now Martine tells Soaplife about her new movie…

Martine McCutcheon made a huge impact as EastEnders' Tiffany Mitchell . But she's come a long way since then and is now starring in movie The Bromley Boys…

What's the story?

"It’s set in 1969. England is preparing for the defence of their World Cup crown and George Best is delighting crowds with his virtuoso football skills at Old Trafford," Martine told Soaplife.  "Meanwhile, 15-year-old Dave Roberts falls head-over-heels in love... with his local Non-League club Bromley FC! My first impression of this film was a good one because I lost myself in it. I forgot that I was reading a script. It was a pleasure to read. That’s always a really good first impression."

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Martine McCutcheon's interview with Soaplife about her new movie role…

Soaplife: So, it's a football film, then?

Martine McCutcheon: “Yes, but It’s not just about football. It’s also about a young boy’s journey to become a young man - falling in love, finding his independence, finding his voice. It’s about who he is going to be and who he’s going to believe in. Football just happens to be the background to that.”

Martine McCutcheon

S: Who are you playing?

MM: “Gertie Roberts, Dave’s proud mum. Gertie is a salt-of-the-earth London mum. Married to her childhood sweetheart, she dotes on her family. Like many women of the time, she puts up with her very serious husband. She was at her most happy when Dave was a little boy and she still wants the best for him. The thing I love most about Gertie is that she’s really kind and loving. She’s the one person rooting for her son to make something of himself. She wants him to follow his dreams no matter what.”

S: As a mum yourself, can you relate to that?

MM: “Absolutely. For me, as a new mum to three-year-old Rafferty, I already felt so many of the things that I think Gertie would have felt. It was exciting because it was new to me as a real parent - something I really identified with. I loved playing someone I believed I knew quite well. I became Gertie!”

S: Are you a footie fan in real life?

MM: “A kind of accidental one! I bumped into Chelsea’s former chairman, Ken Bates, close to where I lived near Stamford Bridge some years ago. He invited me to a game, but he insisted that if I enjoyed it I had to become a Chelsea fan. My mother is a huge football fan. She’s an Arsenal supporter. Among us, I’m the only Chelsea fan, much to my family's annoyance - they believe I’m a turncoat.”

* The Bromley Boys will be released on home entertainment from 25 June.