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Lorraine Stanley: ‘It was inevitable I'd end up in EastEnders again!’

EastEnders, Karen Taylor
(Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

EastEnders newcomer Lorraine Stanley reveals how she’s finding life since arriving in Albert Square for the third time!

In the short space of time since they showed up in Albert Square, Karen Taylor and her kids have more than made their mark. EastEnders newcomer Lorraine Stanley (Karen) talked to Soaplife about their arrival – and Karen’s daughter Bernadette’s shock pregnancy.

How has Karen settled in? “She’s a trier and she really wants people in Walford to see that she isn’t lazy. She’s got six kids and she’s trying her best to make it work as a family. However, she’s going to be struggling even more now that Bernadette’s pregnant. She puts on a brave face, but you’ll see she’s a lot more vulnerable than she appears to be.”

How have you settled in? “I’m loving it. Everyone’s made me feel really welcome. I already knew lots of the cast. Honey Mitchell actress Emma Barton and I studied together for three years, I knew Mick Carter actor Danny Dyer and I did a play with Kellie Bright, who plays Linda."

Haven’t we seen you in 'Enders before? “Yes, twice. I played a young Mo Harris in the spin-off EastEnders: Pat and Mo, and I was rival pub landlady Thelma Bragg last year. It was inevitable I’d end up in the show again!”

You must be delighted to have been cast as a regular character… “It’s nice to be living in the Square and to be able to make my mark. I also like having regular work. They call me ‘One Ep Lou’ because I pop up in everything. Until now, I’ve never been in a long-running series.”

Have you spent much time out of work? “Between acting jobs, I’ve done other things. I’ve been a waitress, I’ve cleaned and I’ve worked in catering. I loved that actually. I did high-end events and worked for lords, ladies… and Prince Charles! I put on a bit of a posh accent at those parties. I do that when I’m around my posher friends!”

What do your family think of your role? “They love it. My mum’s made up. She’s chuffed because she’s wanted me to do this show for years.”

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