Shona McGarty: 'I want a Big Fat Gypsy Wedding'

(Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

EastEnders' Shona McGarty reveals to Soaplife magazine Whitney's plans for a big fat gypsy wedding!

Isn’t Whitney a bit young to be thinking of marriage?

"She thinks you have to grab what you can when it comes along. Tyler's so lovely to her and the idea of being a housewife and mum really appeals. She also doesn't want her kids to have the upbringing Bianca's kids have. She wants to create a happy and settled home life. She loves Tyler. He’s 'The One' and she can imagine spending her life with him. She feels totally different to how she did with Fatboy, who was all wrong for her. Tyler gets Whitney."

But Bianca's not happy…

"She tells Whitney that she's throwing her life away and Whitney's really hurt by that. They end up having a row."

Would you like a soap wedding, Shona?

"I'm praying it happens because I'd love a big, fat gypsy wedding. I'm Irish and I know Thelma [Madine, dress designer for the TV show's weddings]. I can just imagine Tiffany in a big pink bridesmaid's dress. I so want to call Thelma and say, 'I need a dress'. I've done a few weddings since I've been here and they're great to film as we're all together and we have a laugh between takes."

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