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Chrissie learns the chilling truth about Andy in Emmerdale

Killer secrets and lies are exposed when the truth about Andy's deadly pact with Ross comes to light in Emmerdale!

When Aaron continues to question Robert about his shooting in Emmerdale, he's stunned to finally learn all about Andy's deadly deal with Ross as his boyfriend explains the pact his brother had: Ross would kill Robert and in return Andy would kill Pete!

Reeling from the information, Aaron spots Andy in the village and he can't control his anger and punches him to the ground.

Meanwhile Chrissie is aghast when Aaron tells her about Andy's vengeful secret. How can Andy defend his actions to his girlfriend and what will Chrissie do about it?


Aaron punches Andy to the ground after discovering he'd plotted to have Robert killed!

Earlier, Lawrence is in a rage to see Lachlan driving wildly around the lawn of Home Farm and doing doughnuts in one of his classic cars.

Everything's too much for Lawrence, in an irate state he calls his lawyer and instructs him to start divorce proceedings against Bernice.

He later storms off to the salon and tells Bernice and Kerry he's evicting them from the premises.

The two women are in shock but there's worse to come when Lawrence makes it personal and starts insulting Bernice. Andy's disgusted and wades in to stick up for Bernice while Chrissie tries to calm the situation down.

However, it's Chrissie's turn to be appalled when Aaron lashes out and reveals the evil pact her boyfriend Andy had to get Robert bumped off! How can Andy defend his deceitful actions? Watch Emmerdale on ITV from Monday, 18 July