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Danny Miller reveals why Aaron's leaving Emmerdale for London

Riddled with guilt over Katie’s death and unable to face Andy, Aaron decides to do a runner. Emmerdale’s Danny Miller reveals all to Soaplife...

With Andy Sugden more determined than ever find out what really happened to his wife Katie, Aaron Livesy is in a panic. He’s consumed by guilt, knowing Robert had a hand in Katie’s tragic death and, although he wants to confess, he knows it will only lead to more heartache and unhappiness.

“Deep down, Aaron believes Robert committed a murder,” explains Danny (opens in new tab). “But a small part of him wants to believe Robert, who says it was an accident…”

So, how exactly does Andy panic Aaron?

“Andy discovers Katie’s phone bill and he wants to find out who was the last person she called. Aaron knows it was him and he does his best to try and make sure Andy [Kelvin Fletcher (opens in new tab)] doesn’t cotton on. He hides the phone, puts it on silent and tries to persuade Andy he’s going crazy and he shouldn’t call the number.”

And this makes Aaron feel even more guilty?

“Yes. He doesn’t like it and he knows what Andy’s going through because he went through it when he lost Jackson. However, he knows there’ll be a lot of trouble for both him and Robert [Ryan Hawley (opens in new tab)] if he reveals the truth.”

Will the secret come out?

“Soap secrets usually do! Katie [Sammy Winward (opens in new tab)] was such a big character, it will be interesting to see what the repercussions will be if Aaron does confess.”

Will Robert and Aaron ever reunite?

“They’re attracted to one another and, deep down, they love each other. But Robert’s told him so many lies… It would be difficult for Aaron to trust him.”

If Aaron could turn the clock back, what would he do differently?

“He’d do the right thing and tell Robert he isn’t prepared to carry on with the affair behind people’s backs. He’d never have gone down that road if he’d known the destruction it would cause. Robert didn’t want him to tell people, but Aaron should have been stronger and done what he believed to be right.”

Will Aaron continue to try to keep Andy from the truth?

“No, because he runs away. He goes to London to see a friend and that will give Andy more time to investigate without Aaron interfering.”

Emmerdale (opens in new tab), ITV