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InBetweeners star Emily Head to play Chrissie's sister in Emmerdale

emily-head, rebecca white
(Image credit: Andrew Boyce)

Emily Head will debut in Emmerdale in October in the role of Rebecca White, the sister of Chrissie. But the big question is: why are they at war?

Former star of The InBetweeners Emily Head is joining Emmerdale in the role of Rebecca White, the spirited sister of Chrissie and aunt of troubled teen Lachlan.

Emily, the daughter of Buffy star Anthony Head, famously played the object of Simon's desperate affections in The InBetweeners' series and first film.

Emily said: "I am really looking forward to joining the Emmerdale cast, and so excited to be the one to put a face to the name Rebecca White. I can't wait to see how the village reacts to her arrival."

Rebecca’s name has loomed large ever since the White family moved into Home Farm and at last we finally meet her. But what has brought her swooping back home in a helicopter?

emily head

The big question is, why are the White sisters at war? Rebecca is certain to destabilise Chrissie’s standing in the village and dad Lawrence will attempt to reunite the sisters. But can he?

Emmerdale series producer Iain MacLeod said: “The character of Rebecca is a brilliant addition to the village. She's funny, feisty and flirtatious – she might turn your fella's head but, importantly, she has a good heart."

He added: "Emily couldn't be more perfect for this role and we're delighted to have her aboard – the chemistry between her and our regulars is already electric."

Emily will be first seen as Rebecca in October.