Emmerdale: Is Priya's new fiancé too good to be true?

Emmerdale's Fiona Wade (opens in new tab) tells Soaplife all about Rakesh, the man who could become Priya's husband - a man Jai (Chris Bisson (opens in new tab)) knows and doesn't like

What happens when Priya first meets Rakesh?

"Well, she panics because she wasn't prepared and comes to the door not fully dressed. She sends him away, but he has already made an impression. At the factory, Nicola tells Priya she must be mad to turn down a handsome man with a nice car and a good job [he's a lawyer], so Priya asks her dad to arrange another meeting."

And what is Rakesh like?

“He's very intelligent and is lovely with Amba. I guess he's the opposite to David in that he's serious and suave. He has clearly got an edge to him, and there's this history with him and Jai over something to do with falling out over business years ago."

What does Rakesh think of her having a baby?

"It doesn't bother him. He's quite happy to have a ready-made family."

Georgia doesn’t like him, though…

"She gives him a hard time but she's just being protective. She doesn't really agree with the idea of arranged marriages and thinks that Priya is rushing into things."

So, how does their first date go?

"Rakesh surprises Priya with a picnic on the green. They talk and she really opens up about her anorexia. She thinks she has blown it with him, but doesn’t realise how much he likes her."

Clearly she hasn't blown it because they get engaged!

"She thinks he is the perfect suitor and will be a good dad to Amba. He ticks all the boxes, they have a lot of chemistry. She thinks that the love will come."

David’s not happy, though, is he?

"No, he's worried because Jai tells him that Rakesh can't be trusted and he fears Priya might take Amba from the village. Priya does her best to try to reassure David that she wouldn't do that. She has built a life for herself in Emmerdale now."

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