Emmerdale spoilers! Andrew Scarborough reveals all about Graham's past

Graham Foster, Joe Tate, Emmerdale

Graham Foster, Joe Tate's right-hand man, is haunted by the car crash that killed his pregnant wife, reveals Emmerdale actor Andrew Scarborough…

The enigma that is Graham Foster is about to crack. Fuelled by alcohol, Joe Tate’s sidekick is haunted by memories of his past and has imaginary conversations with his dead wife…

What’s the story?

‘He is haunted by this one particular event,’ actor Andrew Scarborough tells Soaplife. ‘The dead wife is a manifestation of his guilt and you finally see what lies underneath Graham.’ Who is Graham Foster?

Emmerdale actor Andrew Scarborough’s interview with Soaplife about Graham Foster’s guilty past…

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Soaplife: Why do you think viewers love Graham so much?

Andrew Scarborough: “I don’t know, I am gobsmacked by the reaction. He is pretty odd. He dresses like an undertaker for a start. I think it is brilliant that Emmerdale risked this kind of character as you just don’t know what is going on with him. All that is about to change though.”

S: Tell us more about this ‘guilt’ of his…

AS: “Graham drove the car when he was drunk and as a result, his pregnant wife was killed in a crash. Graham was a bit of a drinker before he met his wife and he probably had some traumatic stress to deal with from his army days.”

S: Why is this coming to a head now?

AS: “It is the anniversary of her death and every year he suffers. The memory won’t leave him. What happens this week is that you get to see that thing that is always with him and explains why he doesn’t smile much. The armour comes away and you see the man.”

S: Can you tell us more about the man underneath?

AS: “I think Graham is the way he is because he is trying to contain an animal inside. That’s why you shouldn’t mess with him because he’d let it fly. He goes about things in a very methodical way, but underneath is the beast that wants to come out. It is very Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I think he suffers a bit from OCD too, which is part of him trying to tidy up his mess inside.”

S: What can you tell us about Graham’s flashbacks?

AS: “Well, you get to see him 10-years-ago, which involved a bit of darkening of my sideburns. I also had to try and be a bit lighter on my feet. This all happened just before he met Joe at boarding school. There are no new revelations, it is just lifting off the lid and having a look inside Graham’s head.”

S: Why does he fight with Frank and Joe?

AS: “Joe thinks he can calm Graham down and it doesn’t end well. Graham unleashes himself when Joe pushes him. He has a bit of a fall out with Frank – it’s not really a fight. It happens when Frank tries to get involved when Graham is drunk in the village. And he tries to have a go at Cain. They are like two heavyweight boxers circling each other, but Graham accidentally shoves Chas who ends up falling over.”

S: Does he look different when he goes off the rails?

AS: “Yes. You see him out of the suit. Let’s just say he lets himself go very quickly…”

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