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Emmerdale's Natalie Anderson: The Lachlan plot was 'a real curveball for me' (VIDEO)

Over the past few weeks, teenager Lachlan White (Thomas Atkinson) has slowly been developing a creepy obsession with bubbly barmaid, Alicia Metcalfe (Natalie Anderson) in Emmerdale.

So when Alicia's husband, David, has to rush off for a family emergency, Lachlan seizes his chance to spend extra time with unsuspecting Alicia, when she's home alone on her birthday night and slightly drunk.

Natalie told What's on TV when she was told about the plot: "It was a real curveball for me. I was shocked by it. However I could completely understand why [series producer Kate Oates] picked our family and why she thought we were the right family for this storyline... However I was quite nervous, but if I can use the word, I was also quite excited by it. I knew we had a really good story to tell and knew why our producer wanted to do this."

Watch Natalie talk about the shock development which will leave Alicia traumatised, above.