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Lawrence is shot by grandson LachIan in Emmerdale!

The troubled teen takes revenge on his grandfather with a shotgun in Emmerdale!

Lachlan has always been volatile, but this week when his grandfather Lawrence humiliates him in front of Gabby he flips.

The troubles and tensions have been mounting at Home Farm for weeks and it's all got too much for Lucky. He's furious with Lawrence for the way he's deceived his mum, Chrissie, and when his grandpa is rude to him on his birthday he later confronts him with a loaded gun and a manic glint in his eye! What's Lachlan about to do?


Lawrence is left bleeding from the chest and unconscious following a run in with Lachlan.

Earlier on, Lachlan makes a clumsy attempt to kiss Gabby in the cafe.

He's embarassed when she knocks him back and further humiliated when Lawrence chips in with some cutting remarks.

Meanwhile, Chrissie decides she needs to patch things up with Andy unaware he's spent the night with Bernice! Is she about to find out?

Back at Home Farm, Lawrence is shocked to walk in and see Lachlan aiming a gun at him!

Lachlan orders his grandfather to apologise for all the hurt and upset he's caused but a tussle soon breaks out when Lawrence tries to wrestle the gun from him.

Chrissie is panicked to hear gun shots coming from the house and runs to the scene.

She's in shock to see her dad lying on the floor bleeding and her son crouching over him with a gun!

Lawrence is rushed to hospital in an ambulance but it's not long before the police turn up wanting to speak to Chrissie and Lachlan.

Later on Chrissie's in a blind panic when the police turn up and start raking through Home Farm. She dashes to find the gun and runs into the woods to hide it.

Meanwhile Andy is alarmed when he's taken in for questioning. Unbeknown to him, Chrissie, who's discovered his fling with Bernice, has framed him for shooting her father!

Ronnie is devastated to hear Lawrence has been critically injured and goes to visit his former lover in hospital.

Lawrence eventually recovers consciousness.

Chrissie begs him not to say anything to the police about what Lachlan did. Will her dad agree to keep quiet?

When Lachlan wants to see his grandfather she sends him away. It's clear she's going to do everything she can to protect Lachlan, even if it means stitching up Andy! Is her ruthless plan really going to work? Watch Emmerdale on ITV from Monday, July 25.