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Dylan fights to save his father's new baby in Casualty

Dylan Keogh in Casualty
(Image credit: BBC)

Dylan's father causes a fire in his flat in Casualty and wife Hazel and baby Rihanna are trapped on the roof and the situation deteriorates when the baby falls from the roof!

Doctor Dylan’s troubled relationship with his father reaches an all time low this week when bad dad Brian accidently causes a fire in his flat! Still secretly smoking Brian fails to put out a small blaze caused by his cigarette butt.

While his young wife Hazel and baby Rhianna are napping in the room next door, the fire reignites trapping them on the top floor of the flaming building! Brian returns home to find his wife and baby at the window. A small explosion inside causes Hazel to drop the baby. Luckily paramedic Jez is on hand and heroically catches her. They are both rushed to ED for further treatment, but baby Rhianna’s troubles aren’t over when they find soot in her nose…

Dylan saves the day and successfully intubates Rhianna, realising how much he cares for his little sister. Meanwhile, hospital porter Max sees Brian outside self-treating his burnt foot. A confrontation with Dylan follows and Brian’s forced to confess he is responsible for the fire that nearly killed Hazel and Rhianna. Realising he’s a liability, Brian decides to leave his wife and baby before he causes any more damage. Dylan steps up and offers to help Hazel out with Rhianna a couple of days a week.

Could this be a whole new era for the notoriously closed down doctor?

Elsewhere, faded film star Vera arrives at the hospital with a sprained ankle. After further examination by Cal, he discovers an abscess around her earring. Vera – played by Minder and Celebrity Big Brother 2006 star Rula Lenska - may have liver damage after overdosing on paracetamol she was using to mask the pain! Meanwhile quiet nurse David realises Vera’s sister Caroline had purposely damaged her high heels, which caused her fall in the first place in order to stop her from discovering the truth… she in fact has no fans.

Also this week, Robyn’s new man is hanging around the hospital seemingly reliving his wife’s last moments. Worried about Glen, David does some digging and makes a shocking discovery – Glen’s dead wife Emma doesn’t exist! Glen’s forced to confess, leaving Robyn devastated. Heartbroken she ends things with Glen immediately. Finally, Charlie twigs that Connie and Jacob are back together. Connie asks Charlie to keep it a secret because of her daughter Grace. But how long till more people know?

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