Aaron confides in Paddy (VIDEO)

Aaron’s back in the village after Robert managed to stop Katie and Chrissie from finding out about their affair at the hotel. Following the near miss, Aaron’s had enough of all the sneaking around to spend time with his soon-to-be-married lover. Sick of his secret life, Aaron ends up telling Paddy more than he means to… What has he divulged?

Katie and Andy have done a deal with Lawrence to move into Wylie’s Farm, but as Andy looks forward to the move he’s worried that it could come to nothing if Katie continues with her obsession to prove Robert is up to no good. After Chrissie warns her to stay away, Katie’s shocked when Robert warns her against playing with fire. The encounter leaves her unnerved, but will it force her to abandon her quest to expose Robert?

Emma spins a lie in an attempt to win round Pete, David promises to take Alicia for a night out so Lachlan is asked to babysit Jacob, and Laurel avoids kissing Marlon to cover the fact she’s been drinking. What happened to ‘dry January’?!