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Alicia and Lachlan are under attack! (VIDEO)

As a gang of lads pelt her car, Alicia’s trapped inside it with Lachlan! Being trapped with her attacker is as awkward as it gets, but it leads to closure for the troubled mum as Lachlan finally apologises to Alicia and admits to what he did to her on her birthday. In turn, Alicia confesses to posting dodgy comments about him online. As the pair draw a line under the saga that’s torn their families apart, Alicia decides she, David and Jacob need a fresh start away from the village.

While Chas spins about, worrying about Aaron and Robert, her son has made a decision. Arriving at Home Farm, he tells Chrissie he, too, was involved in the Home Farm raid. Laying it on thick, he claims Robert was a total wreck after the event – and it’s clear his words have an effect on Chrissie. But later, all Aaron’s hard work is undone…

When Debbie warns Emma not to show her face at the engagement do, Emma relishes telling her how she overheard her talking to Ross and makes it known she will be attending the party. Finn doesn't seem to have told James what Emma's been up to so she seems off the hook there. But could the same be said about James? Is Emma done with her ex?