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Simon with border patrol guards
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In The Americas with Simon Reeve this week, Simon heads down towards the USA border

As Simon Reeve continues his journey down the length of the Americas in The Americas with Simon Reeve, he begins the fourth leg in Texas.

Here, at the Rio Grande border, thousands of migrants try to cross into the USA, in the hope of finding a better life (Sunday, 9pm, see our TV Guide for full details).

Simon on Usumancita River between Mexico and Guatemala

Simon on Usumancita River between Mexico and Guatemala

He then dons a flak jacket and helmet to go out on patrol with heavily armed local police and special forces to see for himself what so many Mexicans are fleeing from – the brutal war against drugs that is devastating countless lives.

Next, Simon travels to the southern jungle of Mexico to visit the ruins of the ancient Mayan civilisation, and talks to descendants of the Mayans about the struggles of surviving in modern-day Mexico.

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You can catch up with Simon’s journey so far on BBC iPlayer, along with a number of his other series.

TV Times rating: *****