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Is Ayesha and Sid's friendship over?

(Image credit: BBC)

Ayesha takes her grief out on Sid

Sid convinces Emma to join him in visiting Ayesha, but Ayesha refuses to let Emma in. Ayesha's grief is overwhelming and she is struggling with the everyday tasks that life brings. She can't concentrate and feels as though she is breaking down. Sid suggests that Ayesha writes a letter to her mother and say all the things she wishes she could have said.

At first, things are going well and Sid believes that the letter has been a success, but Ayesha starts to feel anger and swears revenge over those who she believes are responsible for Bren's death. Sid tries to calm Ayesha down but she won't listen. In fact, she throws him out. How far will Ayesha go to get revenge?

Also, Ruhma is still deciding on what her married name should be and turns to Mrs Tembe for advice. Will Ruhma decide to take Heston's surname or will she keep her former surname, Hanif, to keep her connection with Shak?