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Ben Garrod and Jimmy Desmond Baby Chimp Rescue
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Plans for the new sanctuary are put on hold when the orphaned chimpanzees are in danger from a deadly cold virus in this week’s Baby Chimp Rescue on BBC2

Imagine the naughtiest, rowdiest and funniest nursery, and you don’t even come close to the goings-on at Jimmy and Jenny Desmond’s home for orphaned chimps in Liberia, as we see in BBC2’s lovely documentary series Baby Chimp Rescue.

When we catch up with them in this second episode, things are getting more chaotic (but in a good way) as they now have 28 youngsters, including eight-week-old baby Gaia and also adult male Jonny, to care for and rehabilitate so that they can one day return to the wild.

So a move to the new sanctuary can’t come quick enough as the numbers continue to grow.

As we get to know the chimps more, it’s hard not to fall in love with every one of them and delight in their progress, helped along the way by chimp expert Ben Garrod (pictured top with Jimmy).

Baby Chimp Rescue

The lovable rescued chimps are making progress, as we see in this week’s Baby Chimp Rescue on BBC2

So when a cold breaks out, it has devastating consequences on this close-knit chimp (and human) community.

Warning: have a box of tissues to hand.

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TV Times rating: ****