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Bates arrested?

(Image credit: Nick Briggs)

Anna fears her past will come back to haunt her when a policeman arrives at Downton Abbey wanting to speak to Bates about the death of evil valet, Mr Green. A witness has come forward saying they saw Mr Green talking to a man in the street just before he died so the police are keen to talk to the servants at Downton, after hearing that he quarrelled with someone at the estate during his stay.

Bates has always been sketchy about his whereabouts on the day of Green's death and tells the sergeant he spent the day in York. But will the police believe him or will Anna's worst fears be realised?

Elsewhere, Lady Mary gets a shock when the Dowager Countess's butler Spratt spots her emerging from a hotel in Liverpool with Lord Gillingham. Luckily, Lady Violet covers for her granddaughter in front of Spratt, but in private she urges Mary to make a decision on her future quickly before her reputation is tarnished..

Yet Lady Mary isn't the only one keeping a secret and when Cousin Rose invites some Russian refugees who have been forced out of their homeland due to the revolution to stay at Downton, the Dowager Countess comes face to face with a mysterious man from her past!