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Will anyone hear kidnapped Tim's shout when Lachlan White removes his gag?

Lachlan White, Tim

Lachlan White checks on his captive, Chrissie's uncle Tim, and removes his gag. Tim shouts for help - will anyone hear him?

In an outbuilding on the Home Farm estate, Lachlan White and his crony Gerry have got Chrissie's real uncle, tied up and gagged. As they check in on their captive, Lachlan removes his gag giving Tim the chance to scream blue murder. Will anyone hear?

Meanwhile, Lawrence is in a tizz. He's leaving for St Ives today with Ronnie, but their big move looks set to unravel when Lachlan tells him the Tim situation is 'under control'. Uh oh…

At the cafe, Laurel talks to Bob about Emma, unaware the nurse is listening in.

Aaron's behaviour prompts his best mate Adam to worry. When Aaron disappears off with Zak for 'a meeting' where are the Dingle pair off to?