Cal and Ethan divided over their dying mother!

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Clinical Lead Connie Beauchamp is on the warpath this week, and Cal’s in danger of being fired when he fails to show up to work yet again!

But even fierce Connie is forced to cut Cal some slack when he turns up in the ED with his birthmother, Emilie. She’s injured herself and Cal’s dislocated his shoulder after trying to move his poorly mum.

Cal doesn’t get a warm welcome from his brother Ethan though, because he’s still furious with Cal for hiding the fact they’re both adopted. There’s also the added stress of not knowing whether either brother has inherited Emilie’s Huntington Disease…

While Cal’s getting his shoulder popped into place by Zoe, Ethan does his best to remain emotionally distant as he treats Emilie. But things take a serious turn when tests reveal Emilie has complications from pneumonia. Hearing this, Cal wants to take over Emilie’s treatment and is desperate to get her home as she’s terrified of dying in hospital.

The emotional time bomb Ethan’s been sitting on finally goes off and the divided siblings have a furious exchange by Emilie’s bedside. Charlie has to step in between the brothers… just as Emilie’s condition worsens. Charlie help the brothers reconcile with each other and they decide on a course of action to help look after their mother together.

Elsewhere, hospital favourite Lofty is inconsolable and utterly distraught after the death of agency nurse Diana. With the news spreading like wildfire to the heads of the hospital, and Lofty in a tailspin, Dylan advises him to be careful about what he says…

Meanwhile, the hospital launches an immediate investigation into the tragic death. Lofty surprises everyone when he officially states he’s not sure whether or not the accident was his fault as he can’t remember calling ‘clear’ before using the defibrillator.

There’s also an unlikely pairing this week as dour doctor Lily and fun loving paramedic Iain end up working together at a Holby festival. It’s fair to say Iain is missing Dixie! But by the end of the day Lily manages to surprise Iain when she suggests they return to the Pride event when their shift is over.

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