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Can Dom help Lofty's nan in Holby City? And what are his motives?

Dom and Lofty talk
(Image credit: BBC)

Dom comes up with an idea - but will Lofty think it's a good one?

As Sheilagh is moved onto AAU to recover from her stroke, grandson Lofty is worried about what the future holds for his nan once she leaves hospital. With Sheilagh adamant she doesn't want to go into a care home, Dom comes up with what he thinks is the perfect solution to the problem: they could both move in with him? But will Lofty go for the idea? And does Dom have other reasons for wanting to help him?

Meanwhile, Frieda's stunned to find Jac lying on the floor of her office gripped with back pain, as she continues to recover from her injuries from the shooting. Frieda thinks Jac poses a risk to both herself and her patients but Jac won't be told and vows to carry on working, keen to remain Darwin's top dog. When the pain gets to too much for Jac, however, Frieda wants to help her by administering strong pain relief – but will Jac accept her help?

Also, Roxanna believes an experimental treatment could be the answer to Oliver's recovery. With Gaskell skeptical and acting CEO Serena reluctant to commit funds for the treatment, Roxanna decides to call on the one person she's sure will help: Hanssen. But is he ready to return?