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Can Zosia and Guy reunite?

(Image credit: BBC)

Guy extends an olive branch to daughter Zosia but she rejects it, saying she wants to keep their relationship purely professional. Zosia's unimpressed when Guy orders her to work with him on a complicated case but Elliot urges her not to let her animosity towards Guy get in the way of her progress as a doctor. Later, it looks like Zosia might be willing to reconnect with her father - but is their relationship beyond repair?

With Mary-Claire still smarting over Harry's failure to back her up over Edward's drinking on the ward, he vows to prove he's selfless. As they work together to treat an injured rough sleeper - and his dog! - can the pair end the day as friends?

Also, still reeling from her break-up with Edward, Serena throws herself into her work to take her mind off things. But will she be forced to admit she needs more time to heal?