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Carmel Kazemi is threatened by Kush to confess all to Stacey!

EastEnders -Carmel Kazemi Stacey Slater
(Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

Kush insists that mum Carmel visit Stacey and reveal that she called social services about Arthur but Carmel worries. Also, Mick and Linda are struggling

Stacey feels under pressure now that she’s been scheduled in for regular visits from the social worker following the claims about Arthur. Meanwhile, Stacey and Martin get a big shock after making a discovery. At the Kazemis’ Kush is determined that Carmel needs to confess to making the call to social services in the first place, telling her if she doesn’t tell Stacey, he will...

Mick is in a state after the trouble between him and Linda and he visits Jack to tell him what’s happened. Meanwhile, a miserable Linda is back at the Vic, explaining the whole difficult situation to Jack.

The Taylors’ money worries continue to get to them all. After getting the idea from another model in the life class, Keanu decides to apply to join an escort agency...