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Celebrity 5 Go Caravanning Se 1 Ep 1 -

Five famous faces - Sonia, Todd Carty, Sherrie Hewson, Tony Blackburn and Colin Baker - go on a caravanning trip to remember

After sending the likes of Lesley Joseph and Melvyn Hayes on a trip in a motorhome last year, Channel 5 has upped the ante by making five showbiz favourites – Sonia, Todd Carty, Sherrie Hewson, Tony Blackburn and Colin Baker (pictured above) – tow some rather cumbersome caravans around UK beauty spots.

Before they’ve even arrived at their first stop in the Lake District, there are satnav issues and a puncture and, after a cramped night, Sherrie and Sonia’s breakfast leaves a lot to be desired.

TV Times caught up with Sherrie to get the lowdown, and the first question we asked was: did you all bond as a group?

'Oh, yes, there was great camaraderie and some stories we told can’t be televised! Sonia became like a daughter, Colin has the same acerbic humour as me, and Tony’s the funniest person I’ve met,' she says.

'He’s jolly 24 hours a day and he actually says those Smashie and Nicey-type phrases. One night we all had too much to drink and he sang Y.M.C.A.! He had a lovely bromance with Todd, too. We’re still on WhatsApp daily and we’re going for lunch soon.'

Celebrity 5 Go Caravanning Se 1 Ep 1

Sherrie and Sonia set off for the Lakes

'What a beautiful country we live in, she continues. 'We travelled miles every day – and got lost every day! The Lake District was astounding and in Yorkshire we went on a steam train and to one of the oldest and tiniest theatres in the country.

'I haven’t cycled for 25 years and in Cornwall they put me on a bike but I couldn’t balance and got scared. But we ended up in an incredible vineyard with a bottle of rosé. We also did pilot gig racing but I have a bad back so it wasn’t my thing. Poor Sonia, who’s about half the size of an oar, did it. But she nearly ended up in the water! laughs Sherrie.

While there are stunning scenes of the five enjoying themselves on the lakes, the real joy is watching them giggle their way through every setback.

TV Times rating: *****

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