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Concern grows for a broken Phil

(Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron)

Everyone is stunned to see Phil who, despite his bruises and cuts, refuses to reveal what happened to him. In a bad way, Phil collapses. When Kathy arrives while Phil's waiting for the ambulance to turn up, an angry Sharon turns her away. In the hospital, Marsden appears to talk to Phil about his injuries. Refusing to open up, Phil insists he doesn't need her help.

After a heart to heart with Sharon, Phil is happy to see Ben, who promises Phil that he's finished things with Paul. There's cause for concern for Ben when Phil asks him to get him some scotch. Clearly a broken man, Phil is struggling to come to terms with what has happened to him.

Shabnam and Kush are all set to tell the family about their wedding plan the following week when Shabnam learns that Masood's dad has had a heart attack. When Shabnam refuses to postpone the wedding until Masood returns from abroad, Kush is confused. Spotting the open laptop, Kush realises that Shabnam is hoping the wedding will help her application for Jade. Hurt, Kush blurts out to a surprised Martin that the wedding is off.

*Thursday's episode will air an hour later than normal, at 8.30pm*