Connie's arrested for murder!

(Image credit: BBC/Alistair Heap)

As the credits rolled last week it was unclear if Holby ED’s clinical lead, Connie, had finally relented to terminally ill Alfred’s plea to end his life. This week viewers begin to get a clearer picture of whether Connie used the medication she stole from the hospital to help her dying friend…

Motor Neurone Disease sufferer, Alfred, finally passes away, and Connie is left heartbroken. But the troubled medic’s problems are only starting! Nemesis nurse manager, Rita Freeman, suspects Connie’s helped Alfred to die and does some digging.

Toxicology results reveal Alfred’s taken non-prescribed sedatives, so Rita checks the medical store cabinet and discovers two packets of pills are missing. Charlie urges Rita to be cautious when she confides her findings to him. But as grief-stricken Connie continues to man the ED, the police turn up and place her under arrest for murder. Guilty faced Rita’s clearly called the police!

Elsewhere, the war still rages between brothers Cal and Ethan. But Cal thinks he can get Ethan’s money back from his con-woman girlfriend, Taylor, when she calls begging for his help. Ethan has other ideas, however, and secretly calls the police on her.

The brother’s end up having a fight on the streets of Holby, but manage to resolve their differences, while Taylor’s carted off to the slammer – where she’ll possibly meet Connie!

Also this week, Lofty turns to Max for advice on how to let Robyn down gently. And Zoe is suffering from a monster hangover after the consultants’ ball. She has drinker’s remorse when Max reveals she told the hospital’s CEO, Guy Self, what she thought of him!

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