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Countryfile: Summer Diaries – BBC1

Countryfile: Summer Diaries BBC1
(Image credit: BBC)

The series returns for a five-part run, beginning as John Craven explores Poldark country in Cornwall, while Keeley Donovan reports from Scarborough

The heatwave is high on the agenda as the Summer series of Countryfile Diaries gets under way.

'It’s a really great opportunity to take an in-depth look at many seasonal issues and events, while also having fun discovering the changing face of our countryside at a specific time of the year,' explains co-host John Craven. 'The heatwave will feature strongly.'

'Meanwhile, Margherita Taylor is in the  Croyde, asking locals how they deal with the annual invasion of visitors at this time of year.'

'I’ll be hosting the show from North Cornwall… but don’t expect me to be taking my shirt off, even if the sun is blazing down!'

Countryfile: Summer Diaries BBC1

John will be reporting from Poldark Country – the north Cornwall coast

In the opener, Keeley Donovan reveals the best ways to protect against skin cancer – the fastest-growing type of cancer in the UK.

Jules Hudson, meanwhile, reports on keeping a pooch cool, while John is in Poldark country on the north Cornwall coast.

On the River Thames, Margherita Taylor discovers seahorses and lampreys are thriving, even though the river was declared biologically dead 60 years ago.

Elsewhere, Judge John Deed star Jenny Seagrove visits a Surrey sanctuary where abandoned horses go on to help sick children.

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TV Times rating: ****