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The Dead Room – BBC4

The Dead Room
(Image credit: BBC/Adorable Media)

The Dead Room is a ghost story written and directed by Mark Gatiss, in which the presenter of a radio horror series discovers that dark forces are lurking in the studio

Simon Callow stars in a spine-chilling story for Christmas Eve - The Dead Room

Sherlock star and co-creator Mark Gatiss loves Christmas ghost stories so much he felt compelled to write his own.

This half-hour one-off tale is set in a ‘haunted’ radio studio, and focuses on stick-in-the-mud broadcaster Aubrey Judd, played by the inimitable Simon Callow.

Aubrey is tired of the modern era, resisting attempts to freshen up the horror series he’s hosted for the past 40 years.

But during a spat with his young producer, Aubrey realises the past isn’t as wonderful as he remembers – haunting melodies and voices from the speaker system suggest he may be forced to revisit a dark moment from his youth…

Two chillers from revered horror writer MR James follow.

TV Times rating: ****