Diamond Dealers and Cockney Geezers - C4

All aboard Diamond Dealers and Cockney Geezers for a journey around Trotter's Jewellers, a magnet for the rich and famous

Diamond Dealers and Cockney Geezers takes us to jewellery store Trotters in London’s Bethnal Green (Monday, 10pm, see our TV Guide for full details).

It looks like your average pawn shop. But it’s actually the celeb go-to spot for eye wateringly expensive bling, with punters including Lily Allen, Russell Brand and Bernie Ecclestone.

And no, it’s not run by Del Boy and Rodney, but best mates Alex, Kallum, and 26-year-old Judd, who inherited the shop from his father.

Kallum, Judd, Alex

It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that bling

This documentary, made by Shine, the outfit behind The Island with Bear Grylls, and narrated by Dani Dyer, follows the lads as their Essex boy sales patter has locals parting with thousands, including bricklayer Radley who spends a cool £12,000 on a watch.

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We also see them designing a good luck charm for flyweight boxer Charlie Edwards and making potentially their worst ever investment – an Audemars Piguet watch they’ve had specially encrusted with diamonds that’s worth a £100,000!

TV Times rating: ****