The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs

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(Image credit: BBC/Raw TV/Tom Beard)

Dr Chris returns with a new mission – to get our kids off pills

In this two-part investigation, Dr Chris van Tulleken asks why we give our kids three-and-a-half times more medication than we did 40 years ago.

First up is the most popular liquid paracetamol for children – Calpol, which we buy almost literally by the bucketful, spending £64million on it in 2016.

But do our nippers really need it, and are we doing them harm by using it as a cure-all?

Next is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, with 60,000 kids in the UK taking ADHD medication.

Is there an effective alternative to popping pills? Dr Chris thinks so and trials a course of mindfulness with six sufferers.

Well-made, informative and thought-provoking.

Please note, this programme airs on 10.45pm in N Ireland and Scotland; 11.05pm in Wales.