Does Zara fancy Michael?

(Image credit: BBC)

Zara bumps into Michael in the park while walking with Joe. He's with his daughter, Mabel and its clear there's a connection between Zara and Michael. Zara ventures to ask how Joe seems to him and Michael reassures her that Joe seems like a very contented kid with a mother who dotes on him.

Karen's neighbour, June, explains she only married her husband, Neville, for his money and he's a bully. It looks as if June is beaten when Neville tells her to keep quiet and get on with making dinner – but she finally finds the courage to stand up to him. She's leaving him.

Jimmi and Al wake up in a barn in Wales and Al agrees to drop Jimmy off with Bryn when he refuses to head back home. But seeing Bryn so happy with his girlfriend makes Jimmi envious and he tries to set the pair against each other. The day ends with Catrin storming out and a furious Bryn turning on Jimmi.

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