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Dom's Christmas Hell!

David Ames plays Dom in Holby City

Dom and Isaac's first Christmas is thrown into chaos when Dom gets a blast from the past...

Dominic and Isaac are planning their first Christmas together when the arrival of a patient in a prison van throws Dom into a spin. It’s his ex, Lee Cannon, who’s been brought to the hospital with stomach pains. Dom tries to focus on getting Lee diagnosed and out of the hospital as soon as possible but Isaac soon notices that Dom isn’t completely over Lee.

Dom further manages to annoy Isaac as he tries to cover for Jasmine when she loses important research data. Later, Isaac reveals his nasty streak when he tells Dom some harsh home truths. Will these two get back on track?

Meanwhile, Jac surprises her team when she unexpectedly returns to work, while waiting to hear if tests confirm she has cancer. Jac insists it’s business as usual but Matteo insists on crossing the line, showing his concern and trying to take over her patients. Will Jac and Matteo ever be friends? And will there be good news for Jac this Christmas?

Also, Fletch gets annoyed when, after years with little contact, his dad gets in touch. Fletch then has to treat ex world-class poker champ Artem, who collapsed at the airport on the way to Vegas. When Fletch realises Arty wanted to get to Vegas to find his long-lost daughter, he manages to track her down. But has he opened a can of worms?