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Drowning in Plastic - BBC1

Drowning in Plastic - Liz Bonin
(Image credit: BBC/Raw TV Ltd/Cody Burridge)

Drowning in Plastic is a new one-off documentary presented by Liz Bonnin who travels the globe to witness the damage we are wreaking in our oceans

Plastic is choking our oceans.

It’s strangling seals, filling the stomachs of seabirds, entangling whales and killing coral – virtually everything that is beautiful and natural.

The brilliant Liz Bonnin presents this comprehensive look at the reality of the plastic issue, travelling the globe to speak to everyone and anyone who is working towards a solution to this devastating problem.

Drowning in Plastic

Liz Bonnin sees rivers clogged with plastic debris in Indonesia

She scoops up dying baby birds, cries as she holds the head of a tiny seal killed by plastic, and then meets the people who can make a difference.

Drowning in Plastic - Liz with walruses on the shores of Svalbard

With walruses on the shores of Svalbard

It terrifying and overwhelming, but also heartening, because of the good work so many are doing to right this wrong.

TV Times rating: *****