EastEnders spoilers: Chantelle Atkins reaches out to mum Karen

EastEnders Karen Taylor and Chantelle Atkins
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Mitch encourages Chantelle to make things up with Karen, Dinah is in a bad way after a fall, and Jack's not impressed when Mel helps out an awkward Amy.

Mitch finds Karen looking upset and wants to know what’s up with her. Karen won’t open up but instead blames her continuing difficulties with Chantelle. Wanting to get the pair talking, Mitch encourages Chantelle to make up with her mum. Realising Mitch is right, Chantelle asks Karen to lunch to offer her an olive branch.

EastEnders Karen Taylor and Dinah

Dinah has fallen again

Just as things are going well with Chantelle, Karen gets a worrying text from Dinah. She rushes over to Dinah’s to discover that she has fallen again and needs help. Concerned about Dinah’s state of mind, when the nurse turns up Karen points out that Dinah is in a really low place.

The nurse suggests making an appointment for Dinah with a mental health nurse. After learning about another patient in a similar situation to Dinah, Karen gets an idea about how to help her out. What is she planning?

Mel is smarting over Jack’s refusal to look over an investment opportunity with her. Later, she finds Amy stealing from the shop. After following Amy, she discovers that Amy has taken some sanitary products. Her heart-strings are pulled and she offers Amy some female support. When Jack finds Mel helping out Amy, however, he’s angry. He tells Mel to stay well away from his daughter.

EastEnders Kat Moon and Kush Kazemi

Kat teases Kush

Also, Kathy is intrigued when it seems like the necklace that Ben gave her might be the real deal rather than a cheap fake. Kat, Martin and Stacey tease a put upon Kush about his love life.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Tuesday at 7.30 pm.

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