EastEnders spoilers: Kandice Taylor goes too far with her plan!

Kandice sticks up for Karen
(Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

Karen Taylor steps in to rescue Kandice Taylor, Mick Carter and Linda Carter worry about a missing Tina Carter, and Hayley Slater's faced with the police!

Kandice is desperate to get out of the charity event that she’s been roped into. She’s upset when Karen bickers with her and insists she’s not interested in helping her sister out. But when Kandice goes to ridiculous lengths to avoid her commitments, Karen feels forced to step in.

Tina isn’t back after her night out at the club and Mick and Linda panic. When Billy brings her purse round after finding it in the club, they are even more alarmed as he mentions she seemed in a bad way the night before.

Mick hurries out to search for Tina, while Linda receives a call… Linda brings Tina home and is concerned that there’s something Tina isn’t telling her. She encourages Tina to open up but they’re interrupted by Mick and Stuart. Linda soon notices that Tina is uncomfortable around Stuart and when they’re alone she questions her. Mick is listening in outside the door as Tina breaks down and confesses that Stuart was responsible for what happened to her.

Hayley’s had enough at the Slaters’ as she can’t get a moment’s peace. When her cab punter from the previous night turns up she’s horrified when he reveals that he’s a police officer! Hayley’s terrified that she is in big trouble. Will she get arrested? Jean, Mo and Kat are ear-wigging to see what Hayley is talking about and they’re confused when the police officer implies that Hayley has someone else to think about now… Has her baby secret been outed?

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Friday 20 July at 8.00 pm.


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