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EastEnders spoilers: Keanu Taylor gets closer to Louise

EastEnders Phil Mitchell Louise Mitchell and Keanu Taylor
(Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

Keanu Taylor plans a surprise when Louise passes her test, Jay has a disastrous date night with Ruby and Mel is worried about Hunter.

Louise is feeling chuffed when she gets the news that she’s passed her driving theory test. To thank Keanu for his help, she puts a picture of them both on social media.

When Keanu finds out he’s horrified. Fearing that Sharon will see it he begs her to take it down. Louise is taken aback by Keanu’s reaction and he’s in the doghouse.

Feeling bad, Keanu talks to Bex, who suggests that Keanu throw a party for Louise to congratulate her. Things are going well until Hunter starts to wind up Keanu, who ends up punching him!

Bex tries to intervene but she’s unnerved by an edgy Hunter’s response. Louise is touched that Keanu threw her a party and they kiss… Just as Sharon walks in!

Stacey encourages Jay when he wants to ask Ruby on a date. Ruby is happy to accept. When Billy finds out he’s worried. He suggests to Jay that after all the different problems both he and Ruby have had, they would make a bad combination.

Rattled by Billy’s words, Jay backtracks a little with Ruby and suggests that their ‘date’ would just be as friends instead. Ruby’s confidence is knocked but after a word with Stacey she meets Jay at Walford East. But the evening is a disaster, as Billy decides to crash their night, with Shirley in tow!

Mel and Hunter are back at home and Mel makes sure that all traces of Ray are removed from the house. Meanwhile, Hunter is relieved to discover that the gun he hid is still there. When Bex tells Mel about Hunter and Keanu’s violent run in, Mel is left concerned.

Also, Mick prepares for his coaching assessment but after a drinking competition with Mitch, he end up doing his back in. Bad news for Linda!

EastEnders returns on BBC1 on Tuesday