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EastEnders spoilers: Phil Mitchell has an explosive homecoming!

EastEnders Phil Mitchell played by Steve McFadden
(Image credit: BBC/Nicky Johnston)

Phil returns to a double betrayal, Stuart wants to get something on Kat, and Jean encourages Ian to have some community spirit.

Phil's return home is not quite the happy surprise he was expecting! While Louise and Keegan have been getting steamy downstairs,  Sharon is in bed with Keanu upstairs! In a panic, the guilty culprits try to cover their tracks. But will Phil Mitchell discover the whole truth about what's been going on?

Stuart is still smarting about having Kat treading on his toes behind the bar in The Vic. Determined to get something on her he charms Dot into telling him more about her. Will he find a way to get rid of her and have Linda to himself?

Ian is not impressed with Kim's trick to get him to go to choir practice. He leaves the choir but Jean encourages him to have some community spirit and carry on.

Meanwhile, Honey decides to ask Adam to join the choir with her. Billy is fired up when Honey tells him and decides he's going to join the choir, too!

EastEnders continues next week on BBC1.