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EastEnders spoilers: Can Shirley Carter save Linda from a HUGE mistake?

Linda Carter and Shirley Carter in EastEnders
(Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

Shirley Carter tries to fix thing for Linda Carter, Patrick Trueman prepares to tell Isaac Baptiste the truth and the boat party ends in disaster…

Shirley Carter tries to save Linda Carter and Mick Carter’s marriage in Monday’s episode of EastEnders (8pm, see our TV Guide for full listings).

Mick Carter and Linda Carter in EastEnders

Mick Carter can't deal with more humiliation from Linda Carter (Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

Mick Carter is left reeling on the day of the Queen Vic’s ‘Pub of the Year’ boat party. Although he and wife Linda Carter should be celebrating their win, Mick is in bits after agreeing to a divorce. Still in the depths of her alcohol addiction, a jubilant Linda makes a big show about the divorce in front of everyone in the pub.

Shirley Carter despairs but she’s worried for her son. Despite her recent run in with daughter-in-law Linda she doesn’t want to see Mick and Linda apart. Offering an olive branch, Shirley tries to convince Linda that her marriage is worth saving.

Linda heads out of the pub to wait for the coach to take everyone to the boat party. If Shirley’s words have done any good at all, they shatter when Linda spies Mick talking to Whitney Dean.

Full of paranoia that there’s something going on between the pair, a bitter Linda tells the coach to leave the Square, forcing Mick and Whitney to make their own way to the party. On the boat, Linda continues to down the drinks and her behaviour becomes increasingly outrageous. Mick has reached the end of his tether. Is it really all over for the couple?

Patrick Trueman and Isaac Baptiste in EastEnders

Patrick Trueman has a secret to share wtih Isaac Baptiste (Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

Patrick Trueman is getting frustrated with Isaac Baptiste’s behaviour towards him. He takes wife Sheree Trueman aside and tells her that it’s time they told Isaac the truth. Too terrified to out her secret, Sheree refuses point blank to open up to her son. On the boat, Patrick makes the decision to tell Isaac the truth himself. But before he can say anything the party is thrown into chaos…

Also, Sonia Fowler is shocked when the police turn up at her door.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Tuesday at 7.30 pm.