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Emmerdale spoilers: Will Debbie Dingle be sent to prison?


Things are not looking good as Debbie's court case gets underway and the mum is broken at the thought of being separated from her children...

Bad decisions made in the heat of the moment always seem to come back to haunt the residents of Emmerdale. Debbie Dingle is the latest to head for court and face the music over a crime she tried to cover-up.

Debbie's ex, Ross Barton may have packed his bags and left the village. But he left her with a parting gift by dropping her in it with the police after discovering she was behind the shock acid attack which left Ross badly scarred.

Of course, Debbie never meant for Ross to get hurt. She paid dodgy drug dealer Simon McManus to give her then hated ex Joe Tate a terrible fright. But in a case of mistaken identity it was Ross who had acid thrown in his face.

As Debbie's trial gets underway, she realises she could be facing five years in prison and being separated from her children Sarah and Jack if she is found guilty...

Emmerdale, Vanessa Woodfield, Charity Dingle

Charity and Vanessa's new living arrangement gets off to a disastrous start!

Meanwhile, pub landlady Charity Dingle  is stressed-out over the fate awaiting her daughter Debbie. But the fact her girlfriend Vanessa Woodfield has now moved into The Woolpack makes things a whole lot better.

Or does it?

There's chaos in store, when Vanessa is left looking after her little boy Johnny and Charity's son Moses. But things don't quite go according to plan!

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7:00pm on ITV