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Ethan discovers he’s adopted – and more besides!

(Image credit: BBC/Warren Orchard)

Ethan has no regrets in withdrawing his resignation and he and Lily gel when working with an autistic girl, who needs additional support, this week. However, Ethan’s world is about to come crashing down!

He discovers he’s adopted and may have Huntington’s disease when his birth mother Emilie comes into the ED with an injury. Ethan’s brother Cal does everything he can to conceal Emilie from Ethan, as he’s been hiding their adoption from him!

But there’s nowhere to hide, and this soon Ethan discovers the shocking truth about his mother and the possibility he’s got the inherited illness… It doesn’t look like he’s going to forgive Cal anytime soon, either.

With Dixie ditching Holby for Cornwall, Iain gets a new paramedic partner – cocky Rocker from the HART team. Iain is clearly jealous when Rocker flirts with Rita and asks her out – which leaves Rita secretly thrilled, as she’d like more commitment from Iain.

Also this week, Noel returns to work determined to thank Big Mac for saving him from a violent mugger. Noel phones the press to see if they’re interested in Mac’s story, as he doesn’t know Mac didn’t help him – he ran away! Meanwhile, Lofty struggles with being a boss and friend to Robyn.

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