Guy Self is back at Holby!

Holby Guy Nina

Maverick neurosurgeon Guy Self returns to Holby – and he’s soon blackmailing Nina…

It's been eight months since Guy Self left Holby under a cloud after hospital chairman Tristan Wood died on his operating table. In that time, the neurosurgeon's been working in the private sector and having therapy to tackle his demons. But now he's wheedled his way back into Holby – and it's soon clear he hasn’t changed one bit!

Guy's back thanks to newly appointed medical director Nina Karnik. Guy's been treating Alan Locke, a patient with severe OCD, at a private hospital. But he's desperate to cure him and for Nina to help him get the board at Holby to agree to pioneering deep brain stimulation using their facilities.

However, when Hanssen gets wind of Nina’s plan, he tries to put a stop to Guy's return by dropping the bombshell of Guy's part in Tristan's death! But it seems Guy knows something about Nina's past that's guaranteed to keep her on his side... Guy's blackmail attempt works and her input at the board meeting means Guy's pioneering surgery goes ahead. But has he underestimated Nina?

Meanwhile, it's the morning after the night before and party animal Morven has a few regrets – not least when new F1 Damon emerges from her bathroom! At work, Morven tries to remain focused and professional, but it's clear she's not feeling herself. Is she struggling to come to terms with Jasmine's death more than she realises?

Also, everyone on Keller is looking forward to meeting Sacha’s new lady friend. But will she make the best first impression?

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