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Hitler's Holocaust Railways with Chris Tarrant - Channel 5

Hitler's Holocaust Railways with Chris Tarrant

Chris Tarrant explores the use of trains in transporting millions of prisoners to ghettos and death camps during the Holocaust. Featuring contributions from survivors

Hitler’s Holocaust Railways with Chris Tarrant.

Chris Tarrant travels across Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland on a harrowing investigation into how Hitler used the railways to transport millions of Jews to their deaths in World War Two.

Hitler's Holocaust Railways wth Christ Tarrant

For the Jews boarding Hitler's trains their final destination was unknown...

As well as exploring the history of the railways under the Nazis, he meets people with personal stories, including Arek (pictured above with Chris), who was bundled off a train at Auschwitz to await his fate – to be selected for work or die in the gas chambers.

The shocking conclusion to this film is that without railways there would have been no war and no Holocaust.

TV Times rating: *****