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Holby City in crisis! Can CEO Henrik Hanssen save the hospital?

Farewell Hanssen! Will the CEO ever return in Holby City?
(Image credit: BBC)

Can Hanssen find a way to save the hospital from closure?

The staff at Holby are in shock, this week, when CEO Henrik Hanssen drops a bombshell: the proposed merger with nearby St Francis hospital is underway and Holby is in danger of being closed down.

With assessors visiting the hospital, everyone will need to pull out all the stops to showcase how efficiently Holby is run. Sacha suggests freeing up beds on Keller ward by cancelling all non-urgent surgeries – but Hanssen’s saddened at having to turn any patients away.

So Sacha then urges Hanssen to trial a pioneering monitoring technology that will enable them to operate on more patients, not fewer. Later, in theatre, Sacha gives a confident pitch highlighting the benefits of the new technology, as the assessors look on. Will Holby survive to fight another day?

Meanwhile, it's Donna's first day back since the inquest into Elaine Warren's death at the Coroner's Court and she feels everyone judging her over what's happened with Ric’s case. To make matters worse, she then has to deal with an unwanted visitor…

Also, Oliver's trying to settle into his new single life now that wife Zosia is working in the States. When he obsesses over losing his wedding ring, a frustrated Matteo encourages him to find a way to move on from Zosia.