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Holby City spoilers: Xavier gets SUSPENDED!

Xavier Holby City W12 main
(Image credit: BBC)

Xavier exposes Cameron in this week's Holby City… but he's the one who gets into trouble! (please note this episode was postponed last week to tonight)

After finding out Cameron manipulated porter Jason into covering for him over the lift incident, registrar Xavier’s more determined than ever to expose the junior medic for the fraud he is (this episode of Holby City will now be shown at a later date).

Cameron’s dark side was revealed to viewers last year when he let Chloe’s rapist husband Evan Crowhurst die in intensive care. So when it’s revealed that insurers are examining Evan’s death, Xavier notices Cameron’s visibly on edge and makes it clear he’s onto him.

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Meanwhile, Xavier treats patient Siobhan, who’s fallen off her motorbike but also claims her mother-in-law is trying to poison her.

Later, Cameron gives Xavier a cup of coffee as a peace offering. However, as they then discuss Siobhan’s situation, Cameron slyly tells Xavier how easy it is to put something in someone’s drink to ‘throw them off their game’…

Xavier Cameron Holby City

Xavier (Marcus Griffiths) knows Cameron (Nic Jackman) is up to something. He's determined to find out what it is...

Adamant Cameron’s spiked his coffee, Xavier drags Cameron out of theatre and pins him up against the wall in front of everyone on the ward.

To justify his erratic behaviour, Xavier goes to see Ric and explains all the reasons why he thinks Cameron is up to no good – but Ric tells him HE’S suspended.

Infuriated that no one else can see what he sees, Xavier warns Cameron he WILL uncover what he’s hiding. How far will Cameron go to keep his secret?

Meanwhile, the team on Darwin are due to undertake a radical pigeon-chest procedure – but Nicky’s experiencing side effects from the drug trial she’s on when her hands suddenly go numb. Will she cause harm to herself – and others?

Up on Keller, the team are starting to wear the NHS Rainbow badges, to promote inclusion for patients and their families who are LGBT+. Will Ben finally be able to accept his sexuality?

Also, Essie’s panicking that children’s service are going to take baby Isla away from her. But when Essie acts fast as Isla gets sick, will she be allowed to keep her?