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Hospital – BBC2

Hospital ep 2 shows Andy Brodbelt
(Image credit: BBC/Label1/Ryan McNamara)

The work of medics and staff at The Walton Centre neurology hospital in Liverpool come under the spotlight in documentary Hospital

As the documentary Hospital continues, three young lives being cared for at The Walton Centre neurological unit, come under the spotlight 

This episode centres on The Walton Centre, a specialist neurological unit in Liverpool, next door to Aintree University Hospital.

The three patients it focuses on are a reminder of how cruel life can be.

Tom, 18, suffered a terrible brain injury in a car crash. He’s been on the ward for months and needs a bed in a specialist rehab centre, but one isn’t available.

Hospital ep2

Medics at The Walton Centre: Sarah-Jane Shea, Christine Burness, Andy Brodbelt, Catherine McMahon and John Jones

Sophie, 22, suffered a mysterious virus 10 months ago that attacked her brain stem and left her struggling to breathe.

Finally, Michaela is undergoing her fourth brain operation due to a complicated condition that came on while she was training to be a nurse.

All three lives have been altered dramatically, but the centre has an amazing team trying their best to piece them back together.

TV Times rating: *****