Ian takes Bobby to see Jane

Kathy pleads with a stressed Ian to take a break but he instead returns to the hospital with Bobby in tow. Finding Bobby in the hospital with Ian, Jane's mum Linda is furious. With Ian and Linda distracted, Bobby sneaks into Jane's room just as she starts to wake up. As Bobby tries to apologise to a panicky Jane, Ian intervenes, telling Bobby to leave. Listening to Ian as he explains what happened with Bobby, Jane agrees that he made the right decision.

Later, Jane is shocked when she realises that she might not fully recover from the attack.

Lauren tries to convince Abi into helping Max. When Abi refuses, Lauren is left frustrated. After a heart to heart with her sister, Lauren is concerned when Abi explains what happened between her and Ben.

Jay and Roxy are all set to go ahead with their plan to sell the drugs. Getting an attack of nerves, Jay has a change of heart. Left to do the deal alone, Roxy prepares to go ahead with it, but when she sees Amy she has second thoughts.

Also, Sharon encourages Phil to take a break when Sam asks him to go to Portugal.